Aa ss 2021儲能科技創意海報競賽



日 期:2008.06.06(五)
地 點:六館6105
時 間:PM13:30-15:30
主講人:鄭金祥教授, 成功大學
講 題:Parametric Optimization for PEM Fuel Cells based on Numerical Simulation

摘 要:“What optimal performance can a PEM fuel cell reach?” Finding answers to this enduring question is an essential step for continuous improvement in the fuel cell design method. In this lecture, a brief review of the inverse theory is firstly given, and then the status of the recent researches of the experimental methods and the modeling concerning the transport phenomena in the PEM fuel cell is addressed. Based on these physical models the effects of different types of flow field, geometrical and physical variables, and operational parameters are evaluated. An optimization approach could be constructed by combining the developed physical models with the inverse heat transfer theory plus a grid generator. The results obtained by the optimization approach help us identify these influential parameters and elucidate the basic physical mechanisms for the optimal design.