Aa ss 2021儲能科技創意海報競賽


The recently R&D accomplishments(2003~2005 year):

  1. To establish six cross-discipline and core technology laboratories for fuel cell researching, Lab. Space 1500 ft2, instrument investment 30 million NTD, 8 full time researcher & staff
  2. The key-technologies of Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cell (PEMFC): membrane/electrode assembly (MEA) for nano-structure design and fabrication, electro-catalyst loading 0.6g/kw; Medium temperature membrane (120℃) with high performance 1W/cm2; Metal bipolar plates development, corrosion rate 0.02mm/yr, 300hr operating life time.
  3. Key-technologies on fuel-cell system design: fuel cell stack and diagnostic tolls development, stack power density 0.4W/cm2 @0.6V Power electronics technology, and the overall power conversion efficiency 92% (DC-DC converter, 95%)
  4. More than 20 international journal papers, 12 granted patents

Short term(2006~2008 year):

To establish cross-discipline and core technology laboratories for fuel cell researching, and fuel cell testing platform, Lab. Space 3500 ft2, instrument investment 60 million NTD, 12 full time researcher & staff

  1. Key components technology and goals:
    • High performance, durable MEA nano-structure design and fabrication, MEA performance 0.6 W/cm2, electro-catalyst loading 0.6g/kw: the durability of MEA’s components 1000hrs
    • Medium and high temperature (80-250℃), low humidity (25-50%RH) PEM membrane and MEA development, performance 0.6W/cm2 (H2/Air), 1000 hrs
    • Metal bipolar plates development, corrosion rate 0.015 mm/yr, 1000hrs operating life time.
  2. Other key technology and goals: micro-methanol reformer development, 330 scum H2/70cm2, Metal alloy hydrogen storage 2.0 Wt%
  3. Papers & patents: More than 50 international journal papers, 40 granted patents

Long term(2009~2012 year):

  1. PEMFC & DMFC high quantity production technologies and equipments research.
  2. The rate of generate electric power can become over 60% of 25kW Solid Oxide Fuel Cell.
  3. To promote the ability of design and manufacturing of the industry in Taiwan, and impel Taiwan become a design and manufacturing center of Fuel Cell industry.